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NCRA-Approved Court Reporting Programs

The court reporter programs offered at the following institutions are committed to excellence in realtime reporter education and have met the General Requirements and Minimum Standards (GRMS) established by the Council on Approved Student Education (CASE) of the National Court Reporters Association, earning the right to describe themselves as NCRA-approved. In order to achieve and maintain certification, these programs agree to periodic review by CASE to verify their continued adherence to the GRMS.

NCRA is not an accrediting agency; however, all NCRA-approved programs are accredited by agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Each institution’s transfer of credit policy is governed by the standards of the particular agency accrediting that institution. Individual State Departments of Education can be found here

See NCRA's complete list of approved programs here:

Just to our north in Auburn, Washington, is Green River College.  Green River is NCRA-approved and offers a variety of options, including Associate in Applied Arts (AA) degrees in Court Reporting and Captioning, a Bachelors of Science (BAS) in Realtime Reporting . Certificates are also available in alternative career fields. Training is offered on campus and online.

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