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National Legislation

H.R.842 - Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021 "PRO Act"

Passed by the House on March 9, 2021, the PRO Act of 2021 is meant to expand various labor protections related to employees' rights to organize and collectively bargain in the workplace, which on its face doesn't seem to affect the stenographic field.  However, it does seek to re-classify independent contractors as employees using the "ABC" Test recently instituted in California. 

Local Legislation

HB 2489

This bill, introduced by Representative Holvey, directs those agencies that administer certain state laws to use specific criteria to determine whether and individual is an employee or independent contractor and to cooperate in adopting rules to facilitate consistency in the application of the definition of independent contractor and provisions of the Act.


3/31/2021 Public Hearing
4/7/2021 Work Session Scheduled

SB 220

This bill related to remote attestation and prescribes formalities for remote attestation of writing.  At this time there is no provision for giving oaths as a Notary Public orally in the context of, for example, depositions, thus you must be an Oregon CSR to swear in a witness remotely. 

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