Welcome to the Oregon Court Reporters Association

The OCRA officers, directors and committee chairpersons welcome you to our informative, and ever-evolving website. The sections are designed to be helpful to you in your business needs. Please peruse sections and send any suggestions for improvement and reporter-related and personal news or photos to the contact link above, contact@orcra.org and through the Board/Chairpersons page. Feel free to join the Discussion Forum from this link or the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

OCRA Purpose Statement

To develop leadership and direction for the court reporting profession in the state of Oregon;To advocate ethical standards, quality service, educational opportunities and technological advancements for its members;To promote the services of our profession to the client base;To act as liaison between the profession and the local, state, and national client groups;To enhance understanding and good will among the members and the public.

What OCRA does for you

Supports expanding roles for court reporters in litigation support, CART, and broadcast captioning services.Sponsors continuing education programs for professional court reporters at association conventions twice a year.Assists in the Oregon CSR and national NCRA certification examinations for court reporters.Is active in the Oregon Legislature through efforts of OCRA's lobbying team.Conducts meetings of its Board of Directors to develop association goals, implement new programs, and oversee the Association's finances.Maintains an association website and publishes association newsletters and President's messages each year.Participates in a mentoring program for court reporting students and annually awards the Rose Outstanding Student Endowment scholarship.Funds a yearly $500 outreach program to an Oregon nonprofit organization which promotes literacy in Oregon.Provides court reporting services through its active pro bono partnership with the Oregon State Bar Association.OCRA is a 503(C)(6) nonprofit organization. OCRA is currently working to promote the use of court reporters in our State court system and towards a mandatory CSR.

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